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Volume 34 no 5 May / June 2020

ARTICLES: THE ART OF THE NAKED APE Miklos Legrady, Toronto Editor LEONARDO DA VINCI MUSEUM, MILAN Anna Maria Benedetti EVERY JOKE HIDES A TRUTH Al Jirikowic on the movie Joker ISAAC LEVITAN, RUSSIAN MASTER Colin Fell, our new writer in Penzance DEPARTMENTS: 2 LETTERS 4 EDITORIAL BY Pendery Weekes 5 SPEAKEASY BY Jack Balas   REVIEWS: 15 TRAGÉDIE FRANÇAISE Frances …

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The Role of A Post–COVID Museum

by Alexander Stanfield, West Coast Editor (USA) If I were to ask you, what is a museum, no matter what your answer is, the more pressing inquiry is what is the function of a museum? What role or responsibility does a museum have to the community it engages with mentally or emotionally? The actual definition of ‘museum’ is more complicated …

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Vito, Video, and You

Vito Acconci is a name you should know. A pioneer of conceptual art, his career lasted over 50 years and encompassed poetry, video, performance, installation, design, and architecture. As a trailblazer of video art, during the 1960s and 1970s he used a new creative medium to produce unprecedented works. Acconci understood the one-on-one interaction of video, despite its impersonal connotation. …

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News Flash

We are pleased to announce that Josephine Gardiner has become the new Devon and Cornwall Editor.  10/02/2020 Important message from our writer in Hong Kong:  “Recently, I think you may heard that the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease is now seriously affecting Hong Kong. I had planned to visit some exhibitions and write a new review in January. However, the disease …

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Trouble in Painter’s Paradise

Few 20th-century painters carved a niche for their craft like Paul Gauguin. His portraiture is some of the most recognisable work in modern art. From 7th October 2019 to 26th January 2020, the National Gallery in London has on display a large representation of Gauguin’s short career as a painter featuring a collection of portraiture and sculpture. For an artist …

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