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Sculpting Mathematics

Mathematics has had a profound effect in shaping modern art: not in its ability to generate attractive patterns but in exposing the artists to spatial possibilities not easily observed in their physical world. One such spatial possibility is the fourth dimension, which is, for the most part, inaccessible to human perception. The question of whether or not this invisible extension …

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Fish Out of Water

Entering through the hills on an impossibly narrow meandering road you have presented one the best views in Europe; the bay of St Ives. From there, while descending to this subtropical paradise, you are taken back a few centuries with the streets tighter and cobbled. Where the beaches are golden, natural life is lush, and the seagulls own the skies. …

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Why Cornwall Sold Out

Being asked to write an article on such a topic is rather like asking a man if he has stopped beating his wife. Cornwall. We have to go back a little. Perhaps as far as the Vikings with whom we were on friendly terms, often fighting on the same side. Jolly Vikings. To the Romans who didn’t quite get here, …

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The Lost Wonders of an Archive

The artist Jason Lilley talks about his work on the Penwith Gallery Archive From an early age I have developed a keen fascination with the art and artists of Cornwall, especially those of St.Ives. In 2013 I was made a member of the Penwith Society of Arts who own, and exhibit at, the Penwith Gallery. It was later in that …

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