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Outside the Architecture Biennial

A TALE—AND THOUGHTS–OF TWO HOUSES “A wall pitted by a single air rifle shot.” That was the sentence the Museum of Modern Art received from artist Lawrence Weiner. The interpretation was up to them. They could write it as is, fake the scene it described, or, most straightforward, just shoot the wall. Encountering the works of Sarah FitzSimons and Amanda …

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Chicago Architectural Biennial

BIENNIAL EXPO IS JUST FOR ARCHITECTS; ARTISTS SUPPLY THE PUBLIC’S VOICE.   “The Architects are Coming!”, “The Architects are Coming!” is the rallying cry for the citywide exposition Chicago is hosting now through January 3, 2016. For 96 days, Chicago is the architectural center of the world. It is fitting that this city, the birthplace of the skyscraper and bold …

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