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Art Nouveau in Milan

Graziella Colombo   Milan is still a city made of stone and iron, stucco and bronze, stained glass, mosaics and ceramics. It is the Milan of Liberty, the instantly recognisable Art Nouveau style, innovative in the use of materials, which became popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Milan is the result of the inspiration and creativity of architects, …

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Volume 35 no 1 September / October 2020

Features: 6 An American Child and the Victorian Radicals – James Cassell 9 Intimate Art – Daniel Nanavati 11 Utah can be the Art Scene of the West – Alexander Stanfield 13 In response to Darren Jones on the Whitney Biennial – Al Jirikowic 15 Chairs, Tables and Sex – Frances Oliver 16 Defund the Police, Refund the Arts – …

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Inge Morath: Photographer

by Graziella Colombo A hundred and fifty shots by Inge Morath, all in rigorous black and white, are exhibited at the Diocesan Museum in Milan and will remain there until November 1, 2020. It’s a vast retrospective, enriched with original documents, dedicated to the first woman photographer admitted to the Magnum Agency. She joined Magnum as an editor, becoming a …

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Raphael in Milan

Five hundred years ago on Good Friday, 6 April 1520, Raffaello Sanzio, known as Raphael, died in Rome, leaving the world in sorrow. This year Italy celebrates this great painter and architect, master of beauty and perfection. Raphael, son of the court painter Giovanni Santi, was born and trained in Urbino, a small, picturesque town in central Italy. Italy then …

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Volume 34 no 3 January – February 2020

Articles: The Art of Extinction Rebellion: Josephine Gardiner from the UK Rebellion in Hong Kong Art: Leung Suk Ching I Left my Heart in Leipzig: Viktor Witkowski, USA If it Works, don’t Fix it: Frances OIiver, UK Fervid Art from the Edge: Jane Addams Allen, New York Scouting the Blogs: Miklos Legrady, Toronto Brzezanska ‘s Stories from Earth: Katie Zazenski, …

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