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Volume 34 no 5 May / June 2020

ARTICLES: THE ART OF THE NAKED APE Miklos Legrady, Toronto Editor LEONARDO DA VINCI MUSEUM, MILAN Anna Maria Benedetti EVERY JOKE HIDES A TRUTH Al Jirikowic on the movie Joker ISAAC LEVITAN, RUSSIAN MASTER Colin Fell, our new writer in Penzance DEPARTMENTS: 2 LETTERS 4 EDITORIAL BY Pendery Weekes 5 SPEAKEASY BY Jack Balas   REVIEWS: 15 TRAGÉDIE FRANÇAISE Frances …

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Making Art, Negotiating Space, and Finding Comfort in the Age of Covid-19

by  Katie Zazenski from Warsaw By the second week of March 2020, systems across the US began grinding to a halt, ushering in the great online migration. Much of the rest of the affected world had already begun this process, provoked by the coronavirus pandemic, which, alarming health concerns aside, has produced waves of logistical confusion and panic as we …

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Volume 34 no 3 January – February 2020

Articles: The Art of Extinction Rebellion: Josephine Gardiner from the UK Rebellion in Hong Kong Art: Leung Suk Ching I Left my Heart in Leipzig: Viktor Witkowski, USA If it Works, don’t Fix it: Frances OIiver, UK Fervid Art from the Edge: Jane Addams Allen, New York Scouting the Blogs: Miklos Legrady, Toronto Brzezanska ‘s Stories from Earth: Katie Zazenski, …

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Brzeżańska’s Stories from Earth

Agnieszka Brzeżańska’s World National Park is akin to that first moment after waking from an intense dream. Brzeżańska’s collective works—paintings, drawings, collage, some sound and video—suggest a story of earthly, human existence through time. They are stories of mark-making, of record-keeping, of illustrating ideas and dreams and stories, both real and invented. The first room contains a series of works …

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Aliens in our Own World

Alienations or the Fire Next Time, Zacheta National Gallery of Art Walking inside the casual maze of rooms, each hosting an individual sound and video work, separated by a double layer of plastic noise-reduction curtains and heavy, black velvet fabric; the body becomes fiercely present. The works here are framed thematically by the concept of alienation—contemporary discord between the body and …

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