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Volume 35 no 1 September / October 2020

Features: 6 An American Child and the Victorian Radicals – James Cassell 9 Intimate Art – Daniel Nanavati 11 Utah can be the Art Scene of the West – Alexander Stanfield 13 In response to Darren Jones on the Whitney Biennial – Al Jirikowic 15 Chairs, Tables and Sex – Frances Oliver 16 Defund the Police, Refund the Arts – …

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Volume 35 no 1 September / October 2020: Editorial – When Politics and Sculpture Collide

Margaret Lanterman Art as political and social comment has a very long and effective history, but the artist’s intent and the message of the work has often been abused for political ends. This repurposing can happen well before the art is installed, or long after. Public sculpture monuments are not a simple thing to discuss because they are seldom just …

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Last of the Monster Roster

Margaret Lanterman Theodore (Ted) Halkin (1924-2020) Chicago artist, well-loved husband, father, professor, and friend, died on August 11, 2020 at the age of 96. Ted was associated with the 1950s group of Chicago artists known as the Monster Roster. Like many in this group, he was a WWII veteran and is also considered one of the progenitors of the Hairy …

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Girl’s World

Take a second look. The exhibit is a nuanced Janus presentation of girlhood well worth the visit. Together, two artists break taboos and give us a revealing look at the state of contemporary girlhood. These friends have made a thorough study of childhood and undoubtedly remember their own as they show us some surprising interpretations of young girls metaphorically swimming …

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Empathy Fatigue

Empathy Fatigue at Andrew Rafacz raises some interesting questions. There are so many things to be fatigued about. Our ex-governor just returned home to Chicago from prison where he served a partial sentence for odious crimes, commuted by our current president. There is little surprise in one thug having empathy for another, but the existence of yet one more moronic …

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Volume 34 no.2 November/December 2019

In this issue: Speakeasy with Annie Markovich Lynda Green on appreciating Edward Hopper Jane Addams Allen and Derek Guthrie from Chicago Tribune on Edward Hopper’s legacy Al Jirikowic, Washington D.C. Editor, looking at Edward Hopper Margaret Lanterman and Phillip Barcio review Expo Chicago 2019 The Legacy of Apathy –  a talk  given by Derek Guthrie in Washington D.C. 2019 John …

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