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The Curious Case of Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp was made in the U.S.A., the urinal called The Fountain and signed R.Mutt wasn’t Duchamp’s, and Duchamp consistently said Found Objects cannot be art. Part 1 – Without Prejudice   This article differs from previous Duchamp studies in having no commitment to the belief that he made great art. That remaps his place in art history and tears …

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An Incomplete Project? Art and Politics in the new Millennium

What was postmodernism? – Habermas’s critique Postmodernism challenged the institutionalized modernism of the mid-20th century, offering more radical forms of social discontents and cultural practice. It meant unmasking the values of progress as involving ideologies of the political status-quo, the problems of which were manifest to a new generation in the 1960s. But, more recently, postmodernism itself has begun to …

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