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A Realistic Manifesto at the Tate, St Ives

by Mary Fletcher On the way in through Gallery One there is a beautiful golden coloured Gabo made of bronze, looking a bit too large for its corner, and apparently at one stage it was in the main show. It is simple – geometric metal formed into a curvilinear form, constructed using machinery to achieve a perfectly satisfying composition. Its …

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Otobong Nkanga and Mikhail Karikis at Tate St Ives

My heart sinks as I walk into the preview. It’s a big room and the work doesn’t really visually dominate it. It reminds me of a town planning exhibit. Lots of photos, information, diagrams. The themes are very worthy, mining, colonialism, exploitation. There are some impressive tapestries in glowing colours with some glitter woven in and bold patterns. I have …

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A beverage that is highly sought after and extremely expensive? A derogatory term for said beverage? Being beaten on the bottom with a canvas? You choose. No, I mean it, you really do choose. In this most eccentric of exhibitions now showing at The New, New Gallery, St Ives, you can, quite literally choose your poison, frisson or particular fetish. …

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A studio by the Sea

The Studio and the Sea, Jessica Warboys Tate, St Ives – 31st March – 3rd September 2017 The Tate St Ives has always harboured a dilemma; how to live up to its remit to have a permanent exhibition of local artists from the St Ives Movement inside its walls. It has never solved this dilemma though it has promised it …

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Sam Thorne Interviews Derek Guthrie

In these convivial surroundings near the harbour in St Ives, the two men talked about Derek’s life and career, the chances that led into publishing the New Art Examiner, his broad philosophy of the visual arts, how age has found him accidentally ‘walking history’, and his hopes that a renewed Examiner will continue to champion independent thought long into the …

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